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White Lined Gecko - AKA Skunk Gecko

Listing is for a single unsexed animal that is 1-4 months old. These vary from a very light yellow, to goldish, to a darker gray/brown coloration depending on activity and stress levels.
Their eyes are an amazing amber gold coloration with red striations.
These come from particularly nice adults that tend to produce very nice, high contrast offspring

Photos are samples only

Care is very similar to that of most New Caledonian species, but prefer a bit warmer temperatures. We keep ours just like our chahoua, and they prefer a bit of a warmer basking spot. We offer ours a small puck light on a dimmer to control temperature output. These will gladly eat Repashy and Pangea diets, as well as common live food options.

This is one of our favorite species we keep, they are very sleak and elegant looking. Babies hatch with the adults and show some parental care. Hatchlings are usually okay with the parents until they are 3-4 months old at which point the older siblings usually start picking on the smaller animals. It's not uncommon for us to find 6-8 juveniles in with the adults.


White Lined Gecko - Juvenile

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