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Get to Know us

We are Andrew and Sarah Gilpin of Living Art Creations Herpetoculture ( L.A.C. Herps ). We keep and breed a variety of geckos, specializing mainly in high end New Caledonian geckos. Our other projects range from Madagascar, Australia, and various other parts of the world. We've been keeping reptiles together since 2002, when Andrew bought Sarah her first crested gecko. This gecko was the first pet reptile she had kept and was the start of it all. We quickly fell in love with the species and geckos in general. With such an incredible variety of colors, patterns, behavior, and adaptations, it's easy to see why people quickly become addicted to keeping geckos!

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Our interest in photography first developed with the need to more accurately represent and share our animals with the world. After we started dialing in our skills indoors, we decided to take our new found interest outdoors. This has led us to many great adventures throughout the world in pursuit of finding incredible animals, breathtaking scenery, and interesting plants and insects. We focus our efforts on sharing our visions with others while trying to appreciate the opportunities we've been lucky enough to experience.

Sharing our vision

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Over the years we've progressed from a few cages in the bedroom, to a purpose built 'Reptile Room'. Through several renovations and moves, we've developed a facility for our animals that we are truly proud of. Our goal is to continuously improve where we can, produce and experience incredible animals, and offer our customers what they're looking for. Whether it's a one time question, purchase, or long term relationship, we look forward to working with you!

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