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Shipping & Terms

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~ All orders must be paid for in full prior to shipping.

~ Accepted payment methods include: Paypal, most major credit cards, and Apple Pay. Venmo, Zelle, and wire/bank transfer payments are available upon request. Please contact us for more information regarding these or other payment options

Payment Plans


~ We are able to arrange payment plans on orders of $500 or more. A Non-refundable 25% deposit is required before we are able to put any animals on hold. The maximum duration of a payment plan is 30 days. Before arranging payment plans we will need information regarding expected duration, payment amounts etc. If a customer is unable to complete their payments within the agreed upon time frame, we reserve the right to relist the animal(s) for sale, and the buyer may forfeit their deposit.


~ We ship via FedEx overnight. Shipping is available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday most weeks if weather is suitable. Delivery usually occurs by 10:30 the following morning. Animals are dropped off directly at the nearest airport hub, later in the evening to reduce travel times and risk. 

~ We offer a live arrival guarantee if the following shipping guidelines are met:
~Home delivery- Shipping with Temperatures of 40F-85F ( First delivery attempt )
~Hub pick up - Shipping with Temperatures of 30-90F
~ Hub pick up is the safest and preferred method of shipping. It helps reduce transit time and potential carrier errors


~ Shipping outside of the above parameters will be considered on a case by case basis after a discussion with customers regarding concerns and risks, and may not be guaranteed.

*** We are not responsible for shipping delays or damages that are beyond our control.

*** International shipping is an available option throughout various parts of the year. We do not export directly, but there are many reliable vendors that import/export several times a year to many parts of the world. We can usually hold animals for export for 4-6 weeks. Priority will however go to domestic sales first in most cases. If you need help finding an importer/exporter please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Live Arrival and Health Guarantee

~ We will offer a live arrival guarantee if the above shipping guidelines are followed.


***In the unfortunate event that an animal arrives deceased, we ask that the customer notify LAC Herps with photographic evidence immediately upon arrival. A full refund, credit, or equivalent replacement animal ( if one is available ) will be made available based on the preference of the buyer

~ A 72 hour general health guarantee will be offered. If you have any health questions or concerns regarding your new animal(s), please contact us as soon as you have concerns. A full refund will be given upon receiving the animal back in our care. 

~ In some cases we may offer a partial refund if an animal is found to be not as described and the buyer agrees to this as a resolution. 

*** Our general health guarantee does NOT include illness or injury due to improper care or husbandry caused by the owner. ( Poor husbandry, stress or injury caused by people or pets etc. ) 

*** Any communication regarding health concerns or resolutions to problems with your order should be resolved through private communication between the buyer and LAC Herps. Public posts without a private resolution first may void our guarantee.  

*** International shipping - We offer our live arrival and health guarantee only within the United States. Our guarantee will be offered until the animal(s) arrive safe at their first shipping destination following the above guidelines.


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