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Riverine Leaf-Tail Gecko - ( Phyllurus amnicola )

These are one of our favorite species that we keep, they're super cool! They have a big fleshy 'leaf' tail, are experts at climbing tree bark, and have an almost see through appearance at times

Listing is for a single unsexed animal that is 1-3 months old. They are covered in spots and vary from a light creamy gray base coloration, to a medium charcoal/brown depending on activity and stress levels.

Care is very similar to that of most New Caledonian species, with the exception that these only eat live food. We keep ours similar our crested gecko adults and offer crickets and B. dubia 2-3X a week.



Riverine Leaf-Tail Gecko ( Phyllurus amnicola ) - Unsexed juvenile

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